The “Tiny” Movie!

The Tiny Movie

I LOVED IT!!! I bought the 1 hour DVD “Tiny, A Story About Living Small” from  They did a marvelous job making this Tiny House Movement documentary! They showed how one couple built a Tiny House from start to finish, and interspersed that story with interviews with other Tiny House enthusiasts. They interviewed Jay Shafer, author of “The Small House Book,” who basically kick-started the Tiny House Movement. They interviewed Dee Williams and showed the inside of her Tiny House that she built herself. Several other Tiny House Dwellers very eloquently explained why they changed to this counter-cultural lifestyle. The original music was lovely, and the scenery was well photographed.

One thought on “The “Tiny” Movie!

  1. I rented the movie, “Tiny, a story about living small.” Thanks so much for sharing. I can’t wait to watch it and get inspired all over again.

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