Tiny House Windows Are Getting Installed!

006001The first windows are installed!!


Good sturdy bracing is in place now below the window next to the front door. This really adds to the strength of the Tiny House. 🙂

Moving Dirt on My New Property


This week I am paying to have some dirt brought in and leveled for a yard and garden area.

014 011



This is a drainage pipe for a low area. The pipe will be completely covered by the dirt. 🙂


Flowers and Vegetables!!!

003Whoo, Hoo!!  I started a garden on my new property! These are my Cherry Tomatoes (Sweet 100).  I also planted Bush Beans and Sweet Peas. I am trying to decide what else to plant……..




I planted Rhododendrons (pink) at both sides of the entry to the driveway!


Here are some Lilac flowers I bought that are waiting to be planted. (Pink, White, and Violet.) This is FUN!!!