The Beautiful Days of Summer!

Photos taken in Cama Beach State Park on Camano Island in July 2016.

I thought I would take a break from the Tiny House building report, to celebrate summertime and the beauty of nature!






View from a table out on the deck at the Cama Beach Cafe.




They have tiny cabins on the beach they rent out to tourists.









Building My Tiny House: Roofing Underlayment


First Ryan put the Fascia boards on the ends of the rafters. Then he started putting on the rolls of roofing underlayment. Some people use felt or tar paper. I bought Liner Lock – 140 M a heavy duty premium grade roof underlayment with 100 % recyclable polypropylene water barrier. It is advertised to be 20 times stronger than #30 felt, and lighter weight. We will see if Ryan finds it easy to work with. He is securing it with roofing nails.



He will need to cut the 4 foot wide roll to fit on the lower roof.


All finished!!!


Building My Tiny House: Plywood Sheathing!


Yesterday I bought 22 sheets of 1/2 inch plywood for sheathing the house. My son Paul helped me unload them. Today Ryan started with sheathing the roof.


The long rafters are 8 feet long. It was perfect for using 8 foot long pieces of 2 x 6 wood for these rafters, and then putting 8 foot long pieces of plywood on top.


Now Ryan has started sheathing the walls. I know 22 sheets is not enough to finish the job, but we will see how far he can get. Then we will know how much more plywood to buy.


Meanwhile, I have been using my new weed whacker to trim weeds on both sides of the LONG driveway.


And here is how my feet look afterwards!









Building My Tiny House: Day, um, I lost count


Yesterday Ryan framed the clerestory windows. The Cider Box 24 foot plan called for 6 windows. But since we expanded the plan for my 26 foot trailer, we put in 7 clerestory windows. It looks great!


Today Ryan put up the rafters from the top of the clerestory windows to the tall side of the Tiny House. Hooray!

Planning My Tiny Kitchen!


For the center of my Tiny Kitchen I ordered the Summit C301 AUTOGLASS: 30 inch wide All-In-One Combination Kitchen with two smooth top electric burners, a refrigerator-freezer, sink, and small cabinet.



On both sides of this appliance I will build counter space and cupboards. I have 6 feet of wall space to work with for my kitchen.


Building My Tiny House: Day 6


Ryan is back to work on my Tiny House after a nice 4th of July holiday. He is putting up the beams for the 2 lofts. This is the large loft which is 12 feet long. It is sprinkling rain today so he is working under the tarp.


The smaller loft at the other end is 4 feet. It is over my dining room.


My 4 foot wide dining room window looks great from inside the Tiny House!

Building My Tiny House: Day 5


Ryan is back from his camping trip with his wife. He is back on the job today, and has the tongue end of the Tiny House framed. I wanted a big 4 x 3 foot picture window on the trailer tongue end where my dining room will be. Nice, huh?


Now he is framing the last wall and there is my front door! I decided to put a single 3 foot wide door instead of the double door specified in the plans. I think the double door is cute but you lose too much wall space inside. I wanted more wall space for my kitchen.


Four walls framing finished!!!