My New Babies!!!


Wow! I went to the Conservation District Native Plant Sale on Saturday and bought 75 evergreen trees plus Salal for ground cover and wild Nootka Roses. I bought Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, Sitka Spruce, Noble Fir, and Shore Pine trees. It is now Monday, and they are ALL planted. I am sore all over and have dirt under my fingernails that won’t come out. But I am so happy!!!


I  wanted to buy some native Pacific Rhododendrons, my favorite flower. (Also the Washington State flower.) But they did not have any this year. I may go to a Native Plant Sale in another county to find some. 🙂

Salal is a beautiful native ground cover under the evergreens.


Digging Holes to Plant Seedling Trees!



On Saturday morning I am going to the Native Plant Sale to buy a lot of seedling evergreen trees. I am so excited that I am already digging holes to plant them in. So far I have dug 46 holes for my new babies! I have a lot more places I want to dig and plant! I will watch this forest grow as I grow older. I hope to have lots of grandchildren to play in these woods!

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