Bio: I am a strong woman who dreams big, and is not afraid to jump in with both feet to make those dreams a reality. I am working towards building a small homestead in the forest. We will live in a Tiny House. This is my story. I am also starting to dream about creating a Tiny House Campground, or a Tiny House Community? (Maybe with small camping spots in the forest under the trees?) I read that Jay Shafer, author of “The Small House Book,” is starting a Tiny House Community in northern California. His book made a big impact on my thinking. The average American home uses ¾ of an acre of forest to build, and produces approximately 7 tons of construction waste. Each year this average American home emits 18 tons of greenhouse gases. If we pave over all the fertile farmland to build rows and rows of big fancy houses with 50 foot wide streets, the Earth will be in bigger trouble than it already is.

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