Tiny House Roof is Finished!


I wanted a GREEN roof, of course! 🙂 Do you see the 18 inch square opening under the gable roof where my deer stained glass window will go?

The plywood is going up on the outside too!


After the plywood sheathing is complete, the windows openings will be cut out.


On the inside you can see the beams that will support the loft.


The progress is pretty exciting!

Surprise! Sold Land, Bought New Land

I have decided to sell my 5 acre piece of land to the Island County Parks even though I thought the offer was a bit low. I am buying a lovely 6.3 acre wooded property on Camano Island. WHOO, HOO!!! Here are some photos. A gravel driveway is in, and a house site is cleared. Septic system permit is approved. This is going to be a really big adventure!!! I want all my Tiny House friends to come a visit me on my new land when you get up to Washington State!!!