The Big Leap to Tiny and Simple Living!

I sold my big house with the big 30-year-mortgage. Soon I will be debt free!!! That feels nice!

Snoopy Happy danceSo in the next 2 weeks we will be moving to my land to live Tiny with a generator. We can take showers and recharge batteries at my Ex-husband’s house. We will be having the well drilled soon.

Snoopy typing on dog houseThis is me typing my next blog from my tiny house! Stay Tuned!

Wood Boards on Inside Walls of New Shed

I decided to go with a rustic look in my new shed building. I bought various sizes of the cheapest pine boards at Home Depot, and started putting them up on the walls.  It looks good and it smells like pine trees inside. 🙂


I bought myself a battery-powered drill and screwdriver combo. (There is no electricity on my property.) But I am cutting my wood the old fashioned way:

004I am really having the pioneer woman experience!  🙂