Am I Brave or Nuts?

011 Camano Island, Washington, where I live!

My relatives are asking, “Are you really planning to live with your daughters in a Tiny House?” The answer is, “Yes!” I plan to make one Tiny House on a trailer that will be a “Bedroom House” with no plumbing, with the Inez plan from Oregon Cottage Company. The main house will be a small cabin on a foundation. So am I Brave or Nuts? Maybe a little of both.

I took a great online class called “The Plan: Creating your Pathway to Mortgage–Freedom.” It was taught by Hari and Karl Herzins of the Tiny House Family ( Hari and Karl bought 3 acres of land with cash, built a Tiny House on a Trailer, and lived in it with their family. There was a big loft for their 2 children. They grew a lot of their own food in a magnificent garden. It took them 4 years to save for and build a larger house on a foundation on their land. But they are still completely Mortgage-Free! That sounds really great to me! Hari and Karl give talks about their process and their lifestyle at Tiny House conferences. In their class I learned A LOT and made more supportive friends working towards the same goals as I am. In our culture it is a radical idea indeed to get off the cycle of debt and mortgage payments, and build a homestead that is completely debt free!

Hari and Karl taught us two “Self-Care” techniques for coping with stress: Breathing (conscious, intentional, aware) and dancing (freely, joyfully, letting go of all else). To this I would add one more that helps me: Singing! I love to sing, outside, inside, in the shower, in the kitchen. It gives me joy.

To find out more about the e-course on Creating Mortgage Freedom




4 thoughts on “Am I Brave or Nuts?

  1. Love love love it! I’m so glad you are sharing your story. What an honor to be part of it. 🙂 Your home is gorgeous, and your tiny house plan is innovative. Yes!

  2. I LOVE that you’re taking this step, Linda. You’ve got control of the situation & making headway to live a life free of debt. Doesn’t get any better than that!

  3. Hi Linda, This is Eileen, from “The Plan.” Just started following your blog. Love it! So informative! Just wanted to say hi, wish you well, and let you know that I am hanging on your every word!

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