A Garden and an Orchard!


I found a flat sunny spot and paid a guy to build a 6 foot tall garden fence! The fenced area is 55 feet long and about 25 feet wide. I hope it will keep the deer out of my garden and orchard.


Then I built a raised garden bed box in the corner of the fenced area. It is 10 x 4 feet, and built from old fencing, pipes, and lumber I found around my homestead. It is all held together with tie wire. So I up-cycled some junk into something useful.


I bought seeds for cherry tomatoes, carrots, sugar peas and spinach. I started my cherry tomato seeds inside in pots.


Then I ordered 9 fruit trees for my little orchard from Raintree Nursery in Morton, Washington. (www.raintreenursery.com) These “Home Orchard Packages” have trees that grow well in our climate and will pollinate each other. I ordered five “dwarf” fruit trees that will grow to about 8 or 9 feet tall:

#A581D Queen Cox Self Fertile Apple/M26
#B110    Harrow Delight European Pear/OHxF87
#B175   Onward European Pear OHxF87
#C180   Methley Plum/St Julian A
#C181A Mount Royal Plum/St Julian A

Plus four “mini-dwarf” apple trees that will be about 5 feet tall:

#A280T Evereste Crabapple/M27
#A700T William’s Pride Apple/M27
#A385T Greensleeves Apple/M27
#A185T Cherry Cox Apple/M27

 I can’t wait for the fruit trees to arrive!

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