Tiny House Roof!


Ryan put on the brown standing seam metal roof on the upper roof first. The roofing pieces were 8 feet long so he did not have to cut them. The upper roof is 8 feet wide from front to back. He put on metal flashing that he painted the same color of brown as the roof.


Here you can see the lower roof is almost finished. The metal pieces had to be cut to fit. I have not talked a lot about the costs of building my Tiny House, but it occurred to me some people might be interested. The roofing materials cost about $800 total.

I knew we needed to get the outside of the Tiny House finished and waterproof before winter. However, I was out of money. So I took out a credit card to buy the windows, cedar siding, and deck lumber. In case you are interested the total for all the windows was $1,672 and the total for 8 inch wide cedar lap siding was $1,664. The deck materials for an 18 x 8 foot deck, including cement pier post blocks was $506.





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