Beautiful Weeds!?!


I have a good friend who knows a lot about native plants and their medicinal properties. She took me to the native plant sale where I purchased all my baby trees. She told me, “There are no such thing as weeds. Every plant has a purpose.” There are a LOT of plants growing naturally on my land that I did not plant. I decided to go looking for beauty in the “weeds” and I  found it! 🙂


My friend told me that these pretty bell shaped flowers, Foxglove, are poisonous if eaten. However, they are used to make the heart medicine Digitalis.


My friend told me to buy the book, “Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia & Alaska.” Wow, there is so much to learn!



One thought on “Beautiful Weeds!?!

  1. Hi! This is your friend….that’s a thistle (artichokes look just like that, only bigger!) and Oxeye daisy – both beautiful! So glad you are looking. Your little cider house is adorable, absolutely adorable!!!

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