I Am Going To Build A Tiny House on a Trailer!!


I decided to build my own Tiny House on a trailer!  I ordered the 26 foot long Low-Wider Trailer!  With this type of trailer you can actually build the walls on the outside of the wheel wells!  This gives an extra 11 inches of width inside Tiny House!



It will be quite a bit larger than the 20 foot long Tiny House I lost to my scumbag builder.


I am going to build the hOMe by Andrew Morrison. I will need to tweak the plans a bit because the hOMe is designed for a 28 foot long trailer.


I LOVE the stairs to the loft with storage underneath!


I LOVE the window seat!


I LOVE the cozy wood stove and the dog! LOL.

You can see more photos of hOMe at tinyhousebuild.com





2 thoughts on “I Am Going To Build A Tiny House on a Trailer!!

  1. Linda, I’m so sorry to hear about you loosing your tiny house. What happened? Anyway the 28′ long hOMe looks very inviting. I wish you the best of luck building your new tiny house and hope to see your posts.

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