A Sad Loss

Princess with her newborn puppies in 2012


The forest is a beautiful and dangerous place. My little girl dog “Princess” went out to go potty, and never came back. She had been doing really well being off leash around my campsite area. I would let her out of my Tiny House so she could go potty outside. She would always come back and scratch on the door and I would let her back in. But it was just getting dark when I let her out for the last potty stop of the day. I think she decided to go for a run this time instead of coming right back. There was a lot of coyote howling and barking in the woods that night. We don’t know what happened to my sweet doggie, but she never came home. She was a domesticated pet dog with no sense of what things were dangerous. I called every Vet office and animal shelter in the area, but no one brought my dog in. I know for a fact that if she was alive she would come home to me. Princess was my sweet baby for 7 years.

Here is one of her darling puppies:


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