Morning Sky, Morning Thoughts


The sky was so beautiful this morning I just had to take a photo. The stars at night are incredible, but the night time photos do not turn out well.

There is one thing the Tiny House articles do not talk about. Some of your friends and relatives will not understand your life choices. I lost a good friend because of my decision to live tiny without electricity and water. My friend was so upset, she won’t speak to me anymore. I told her I will keep my children and doggies warm. But she couldn’t handle it, and she walked away. It hurt a lot.

My “camping” situation won’t be for too long. I am hoping to have electricity and water before wintertime. I am hoping to build a small cabin next summer, and hook it to a septic system. To me, living for a while without all the modern conveniences, is totally worth it to become mortgage-free. But the Tiny House homesteaders should be aware that some people will not understand.

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