Creating Mortgage Freedom: An E-Course


The most important thing I got out of the Mortgage Freedom e-course: COURAGE.  I believe I can do it!

“The Plan: Creating Mortgage Freedom” is an e-course taught by Karl and Hari Berzins of Tiny House Family. After losing their restaurant and declaring bankruptcy, Karl and Hari found a very creative way to start over. Saving diligently and buying land with cash, they built a Tiny House and their family of 4 moved in. While living in their Tiny House they slowly worked on building a larger home and developing their homestead. They have a fantastic garden where they grow most of their own food.

Karl and Hari created the e-course as a road map to help others find their own pathway to Mortgage Freedom. They lead by example, honestly sharing their own experiences. They never promise the process will be easy or quick, only that with perseverance it can be accomplished. The class covers everything from setting goals, to finding land, to building and zoning issues. During the course I became a part of a supportive community of people from all over the world who are doing the same thing. We still share our successes and milestones with each other!

Mortgage Freedom e-course link




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