Sustainable Community


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I am having dreams of a community of environmentally aware people living simply together in harmony and sharing their skills freely with each other. I would like to start a Tiny House Campground or Community here in Washington State. These beautiful song lyrics say it all:

“I Dreamed a Dream” by Patti Weber

I Dreamed a Dream a long time ago,

Of a land where the rivers run wild.

Where flowers grow wherever they choose,

And the breezes blow gentle and mild;

Where the trees stand in silence yet singing their song,

In natural harmony;

Where the Earth freely gives to nurture all Life,

And Creation is boundless and free.


I Dreamed a Dream a long time ago,

About people who know to live.

Their words and their deeds are simple and pure,

And their love they most willingly give.

Each day of their lives is a reverent prayer,

Their joy fills each moment with light,

And the peace found within is reflected without,

Like a day softly echoed by night.


My Dream slowly fades with the passing of time,

Yet my vision grows clearer each day.

I know what a wonderful world it will be,

When we each learn the part that we play.

But each one of us must learn the Truth for ourselves,

And live it the best that we can,

And I’ll sing my song just as you will sing yours,

What a beautiful vision for man.


To see a performance of this wonderful song go to:


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