Clear Cut Logging Near Me!

This year several large parcels of forest land close to where I live have been stripped bare by logging operations. Many of us wrote letters and e-mails to protest the logging of a 40 acre parcel of forest near us. They logged it anyway and now it looks like this:

005011020Another large parcel of forest land near us was logged. Now it looks like this:





I tried to read the yellow application sign to see how to protest the logging, but the sign was blank!

It is not just here, but everywhere that our forests are disappearing. Those of us who care need to make others aware, and to stand up to save the Earth habitats.

One thought on “Clear Cut Logging Near Me!

  1. It’s very sad how it happens. Land owners here do it to help pay the taxes. I think it ruins the land myself. We seem to be running out of forested areas in a lot of places. They are being replaced by strip malls and convenience stores or concrete jungles as I call them and I hate it!

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