New Spring Growth!




JUNE 2014

I was a bit skeptical about the success of planting seedling trees in the middle of winter. But the tiny baby trees planted on my 5 acre property are showing new spring growth!!! Whoo, Hoo!!!!



New Firewood Shed

MARCH 2014

Since the seller had been kind enough to forget a load of logs when he left, I had a handyman build me a simple firewood shed to store cut firewood. Here is a photo of the (empty) firewood shed.


A New Well!

MARCH 2014

I found a nice well driller who would take monthly payments. Here are photos of the well being drilled on my new property.



APRIL 2014

Whoo, Hoo! The well driller finally hit water at 410 feet deep!!! My well is finished. Now I just have to pay the well man…… Sigh. This whole process is definitely going to develop my patience.


Baby Trees!

009  040

044  060


In accordance with the conditions of his logging permit, the seller of my property had a crew come out and plant hundreds of seedling trees. I will not forget the excitement I felt when I came out to my property and saw my new babies! Each seedling tree was about one foot tall, and they were planted all around the tree stumps and giant piles of cut branches. Each one looked like a little stick with pine needles on it. They were so small I really had to look for them. I was so happy as I cried out, “There is one!” and “Oh, there is another one!”

Land Purchase!



I had a wonderful idea! Instead of using my money as a down payment on a fancy house with a water view and a big mortgage, I would do something extraordinary and unexpected. I wanted to find a piece of land and buy it without any debt. Most of the land for sale in my area was too expensive or in a bad location. Then I saw a 5 acre parcel for sale very inexpensively because it had just been logged. It was a wonderful location, on a quiet road where each family owned a 5 acre plot. At first glance the land was pretty ugly, barren except for numerous tree stumps and big piles of cut branches. I saw the mess, but I saw potential. The land had been raped. The sound of saws cutting and trees falling still seemed to hang in the air. This land needed healing and peace. This land needed a caretaker. The price was right and I bought it!