Building My Tiny House: Day 7 Blue Skies!


Sunshine today and the tarp is off!


Today Ryan is starting work on the roof framing. One of the main roof beams will sit on these supports.


The first roof support beam is going in!




Building My Tiny House: Day 6


Ryan is back to work on my Tiny House after a nice 4th of July holiday. He is putting up the beams for the 2 lofts. This is the large loft which is 12 feet long. It is sprinkling rain today so he is working under the tarp.


The smaller loft at the other end is 4 feet. It is over my dining room.


My 4 foot wide dining room window looks great from inside the Tiny House!

Building My Tiny House: Day 5


Ryan is back from his camping trip with his wife. He is back on the job today, and has the tongue end of the Tiny House framed. I wanted a big 4 x 3 foot picture window on the trailer tongue end where my dining room will be. Nice, huh?


Now he is framing the last wall and there is my front door! I decided to put a single 3 foot wide door instead of the double door specified in the plans. I think the double door is cute but you lose too much wall space inside. I wanted more wall space for my kitchen.


Four walls framing finished!!!